Gina Ferrara


Gina Ferrara is the author of five poetry collections. She curates The Poetry Buffet, a monthly reading series, and also serves as editor of the New Orleans Poetry Journal Press. Her work has most recently appeared in The Anacapa Review, The Citron Review, 64 Parishes, and is forthcoming in The Delmarva Review. She is an associate professor of English at Delgado Community College.




9:00 am to 10:00 am
State Library, Fifth Floor, Capitol View Room
Supernatural Laundry: Louisiana Women Poets Engaged in Domestic Fabulism
with Nordette Adams, Anne Babson, Stacy Balkun, Pamela Ebel, Gina Ferrara, and Melinda Palacio

10:15 am to 11:15 am
State Library, Fifth Floor, Capitol View Room
The Louisiana Poet Laureate Presents Louisiana Poets
with Gina Ferrara, Rodney Jones, Christine Kwon, Justin Lacour, Martha McFerren, Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith, and Louisiana Poet Laureate Alison Pelegrin

11:30 am to 12:15 pm
Cavalier House Books Tent
Book Signing



"Gina Ferrara’s collection Amiss might be subtitled, “American Femicide”: these lyric poems are sympathetic, even intimate, elegies for, and apostrophes to, women killed or missing in every state in the Union, and our North American landscape (beautifully evoked), seems involved in their fates. Notice, for instance, how often the vaunted freedom of the road turns out to be something else for these passengers: women “driven in the direction / of what always goes wrong.” Notice, also, the details, as Ferrara chooses her images with the fierce attention of an angelic detective—a bright blue van, a bible, a deck of cards spilled from an abandoned purse—so that an earned and grounded empathy propels the clear voice, along with the desire for justice. In these quick and vivid poems Ferrara makes of grief an illuminating fire, from which the poet speaks of and to the missing and dead women with exemplary, tenderly respectful, imagination, memory, and knowledge. I have so much admiration for this poet’s courage—Ferrara has gone among the ghosts and faced the terror every woman in our violent homeland spends a significant portion of her life trying not to think about…" — Laura Mullen


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