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Robbi Pounds was born in Mississippi to an Arkansan mother and Texan father. Her first book, Rubble Fever, a memoir set during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, debuted on Amazon in 2015. Her first novel, The Beautiful Boys, was published in August of 2017. She lives in a cypress cabin on ten acres within the city limits of New Orleans, Louisiana, a puzzlement she explains on almost a daily basis.




11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
State Capitol Building, Senate Committee Room C
Falling Stars, Falling Birds: The Aftermath of Loss

Noon to 12:45 p.m.
Barnes & Noble Bookselling Tent
Book Signing


The Beautiful Boys

The Beautiful Boys tells the story of Michael, the young look-alike of a dead rock star struggling with unrequited grief and requited lust as instant fame threatens to crush him. The girlfriend who kick-starts his rise to immediate fame and fortune is an older American on the run after attempting to assassinate the sitting American president. She is running from mortality; he is running from grief, and together they blur the line between hedonism and self-destruction. On their worldwide debauch, the boy reawakens longing in the loved ones the rock star left behind, and those famous friends band together, determined not to lose another Michael to the black dog of depression. Meanwhile, the dead singer himself visits Michael, and we learn the American’s identity. Everyone in The Beautiful Boys gets a second chance—at love, legacy, and redemption—in this rock and roll romance between magical realism and metafiction.


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