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Erin Wood is the editor of and a contributor of two essays to Scars: An Anthology. Her essay “We Scar, We Heal, We Rise,” was chosen as a notable essay in The Best American Essays 2013. Her essays, book reviews, fiction, and poetry have appeared on and in The Healing MuseTales from the South and elsewhere. Wood's professional writing focuses on fundraising and food writing.





3 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
State Capitol, House Committee Room 3
Long Hidden Scars: Theme-Specific Anthologies

4 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.
Barnes & Noble Bookselling Tent
Book Signing


Scars: An Anthology (editor)

Scars: An Anthology examines the range and nuance of experience related to scars of the body. Through various genres and mediums, forty contributors address self-mutilation, creating art, gender confirmation surgery, cancer, birth, brain injury, war, coming of age, pain, and love, all focusing on the central question of what it means to live with physical scars.

"Each voice seeks to make sense of visible, tactile memories of pain, claiming scars as essential to the person they have become. Collectively, these voices give testimony to the connection between self-expression and resilience." —Arthur W. Frank, The Wounded Storyteller and At the Will of the Body

"If scars are the memory of pain, then this volume is a body of those memories recollected as stories—stories as compelling, as vivid, as dramatic as the thing, the scar, itself." —Lisa Sanders, Yale School of Medicine, the doctor behind House, M.D. and New York Times “Diagnosis” Columnist

"[These] are important stories, necessary stories; the kind of stories that make us less alone in our own skin, less alone in our moments of fear and trauma and loss." –Arianne Zwartjes, Detailing Trauma: A Poetic Anatomy 


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