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Sue Schleifer lives in Lafayette, La. Through her company, Oak Communications, she provides life and executive coaching and management consulting services to individuals and organizations throughout the country. She writes a monthly e-newsletter and has written for newspapers. She co-designed and facilitates ongoing Writing Down Dementia workshops for adults with loved ones suffering dementia. The Key to the Castle: Zen and Travel Stories of Trust is her first book.


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The Key to the Castle: Zen and Travel Stories of Trust

How did a Santa Barbara, Calif., native end up living south of the South? Just what happens to a beginning student of Zen as she sits down on a cushion and watches her mind? How is a Zen retreat like a vacation? These are a few questions posed and artfully explored in this journey of self-discovery.

“What is going on here?” is the question Schleifer asks herself when visiting her aging mom; hiking in northern Thailand to hill tribe villages; navigating a rain-swelled creek bed in South Africa; crossing a desolate plains checkpoint between Chile and Argentina; and eating four-bowl meals at a Zen retreat. Her discoveries become ours in this clear and poignant account of inner and outer journeys.


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