Pam Ebel


Pamela Ebel has been published in Shotgun Honey, Yellow Mama webzine, Kings River Life Magazine, The BOULD Awards 2020 and 2021 anthologies, Tomorrow and Tomorrow 2021 anthologies, and other venues. Her poetry has appeared in the Delta Poetry Review. Her novella, Four Pieces of Evidence, will be published in February 2024. A native of California, she now concentrates on tales from her original home state and tales from the highways of the South. She lives in Metairie, Louisiana, with her husband and two cats.






9:00 am to 10:00 am
State Library, Fifth Floor, Capitol View Room
Supernatural Laundry: Louisiana Women Poets Engaged in Domestic Fabulism
with Nordette Adams, Anne Babson, Stacy Balkun, Pamela Ebel, Gina Ferrara, and Melinda Palacio



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